About A Level Media Studies

Course Information

Welcome to A-Level Media Studies. Our students find this course challenging but extremely interesting and often produce outstanding work which we are very proud of – please see the Student Work tab for more information.


Here are some examples of tasks you may be asked to complete as part of the course:

  1. An analysis of a trailer using media language
  2. A spoken evaluation of an advertising package that you have created.
  3. An essay explaining the impact of social media on youth culture
  4. An essay focussing on how celebrities are represented in the news and on television
  5. Designing and creating a magazine cover to a high level of professionalism in Photoshop
  6. Designing and creating a television advert to a high level of professionalism using industry standard equipment and software

Reasons to Choose Media Studies

  • I enjoy English/English Literature
  • I enjoy creative writing
  • I enjoy being creative and creating new things
  • I enjoy storytelling
  • I am interested in learning about media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, films and television
  • I enjoy using technology
  • I am interested in subjects such as Business, ICT, Art/Photography and Drama.

Course Assessment

The course is assessed by 70% written exams, and 30% practical coursework creation. This course would be suitable for students who are confident with exam technique and are able to express themselves well through writing.

Future Uses of Media Studies

Students who would like to take their study of media further can go on to specialise in on of the many areas of media studies at University through courses such as Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Journalism, Broadcasting and  Film and Television Studies. Alternatively, Media Studies is a good grounding upon which to apply for an apprenticeship in the media industries such as television and radio. BBC, GLOBAL and SKY are some examples of companies which offer such opportunities.



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