About Media Studies

What is media studies?

Media studies is the study of mass media as an academic subject. It requires students to critically think about the way in which they consume media and the way it is presented to audiences. Mass media includes radio, television, social networking, film, news and much more as technology develops.


What will I gain from media studies?

Media studies will encourage you to think critically, be able to analyse effectively and extend your ability to work independently and evaluate. Employers, colleges and universities appreciate the subject’s ability to develop teamwork, communication (verbal and written), creativity and literacy. You will also learn valuable ICT skills through the use of editing software and media equipment which will benefit you in any workplace or further education setting.


What media courses can I study at Westlands?

At Westlands, we offer GCSE Media studies and A-Level media studies taught by Miss Coleman and Miss Bird.


What can I do with media studies?

Apprenticeship opportunities with media companies such as SKY and BBC look favourably on an A level Media qualification. Most Universities offer Media based courses, often tailored to the student’s specific area of interest in media.



What are the entry requirements?

For GCSE, an interest in media, design and analytical writing is required.

For A-Level, a minimum of B in GCSE English, English literature or equivalent is required due to the high amount of written content. A minimum of C in GCSE Media Studies is desirable, however students new to media studies will be considered.



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